Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Asymmetrical Cardigan update

 I dont normally make nice completed swatches, by normally I mean never. I generally knit a little bit of stockinette so that I can measure the stitches. Im increasingly seeing how important and beneficial it is to swatch especially after reading this blog post by The Craft Sessions about how to make your sweaters fit exactly how you intend them to. This lovely little square is for my Asymmetrical Cardigan. I knit two swatches and decided to go down a needle size after knitting the first one so I would have a slightly tighter fabric, and it also gave me better stitch definition. I wish I had photographed the other one to compare! Oh well. The one thing I didn't do was block this little guy, but when I block the sweater in the end I think it'll all work out.
I have a wee bit of actual sweater done. These are the front panels that I'm working on together. I use those safety pin-like stitch markers to keep them together otherwise I totally forget which side I just knit a row on. I also use them to keep the extra yarn from casting on out of the way. 

Most of my knitting time is dedicated right now to another Where the Wild Things Are hat which is for a lucky little baby whose mother works with mine. Once it's done I shall post it. I love knitting for others, I also love knitting for myself but as long as I'm knitting I'm happy. 

After I bang out a good chunk of this sweater I am going to cast on the Smocked Cable Coat! Im also am 'a scratchin to cast on a nice lacy shawl for the summer... that's a post for another day!

Thanks for reading! Until next time, happy knitting!

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