Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Little Hairwork

School is wrapping up a lot faster than it feels like, there's only four more weeks! ah! So far I'll be taking outdoor skills and ceramics in my next semester (which by the way, is my last semester!) Are you thinking what I'm thinking?? Custom buttons, maybe I'll learn how to make a yarn bowl or two, wee! 
Speaking of, have you heard of Earth Wool Fire? Its a ceramics company owned by Alan Smith, based in Portsmouth, England. They make some beautiful and unique yarn bowls as well as vases to hold your knitting needles or crochet hooks. Everything is hand made and sculpted to perfection. You can check out some progress pictures on their Instagram.  And here's their Etsy shop! You also have to see the octopus bowl that he has recently been working on.  One of these beauties is definitely on my wish list as well as an equally beautiful skein of yarn to sit in there when its not in use. 

In other news, I have been working on my senior project some more, it's a slow process but I'm excited about it. Here's a little sneak peak...

I've been crocheting with hair, and now I'm trying out knitting on dpns. I love the idea of creating with human hair. At this point, it's not a weird concept for me, it is simply a fiber just as wool or cotton is, the only difference is that it grows on people and not a sheep or a plant. Can you get anymore self sustainable than that? Once it has been turned into an object it also no longer feels like hair or makes you think of something that came from someones head, it takes on a whole new quality. 

 I picked up the edge stitches from what I had crocheted so I could knit. I love crocheting, but Im in love with knitting, so I guess I was just itching to bust out the needles on this one, but I will be going back and forth between the two.

Until next time...whats the weirdest thing you knit, crocheted or just used in any craft/art project?
Thanks for coming back and reading! 
Happy knitting

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